Here are the advantages and disadvantages of  of e-commerce.


For store owners, online selling is one of the fastest way to grow since many people all people around the world can reach you wherever you are, through online. Unlike offline stores, only people who passes by the location of your store can come and visit. You are not hard up in endorsing them your products because there are various ways on how to advertise your store such as social media, website and so forth and so on.

For buyers, they do will not be tired walking around picking all the products that they want to have. Busy people will just lick their browser and order what they want to order. In this case, people will just be waiting for their orders to arrive. In actuality, online stores are much cheaper than offline stores. Online is really the best when buying products with regards to price.


For store owners, they can not show their products to their costumers online so costumers doubt about them. Shipping and packing are also a struggle to them.

Another thing is that there might be a fraud that happens since we are dealing with credit cards here. Both costumers and business people have to trust each other and it is difficult to attain this kind of relationship. For costumers, it will take several days for the order to arrive depending in the situation and location of the head quarter. Costumers do not see the product and that they are not sure if they are going to be satisfied or not.